Recent bitcoin volatility has left many people scratching their heads. Is the cryptocurrency heading the way on the new “universal gold” or the way of beanie babies?


As my readers, know I am cautiously curious. Like some, I think it worthwhile to allocate a small portion of your portfolio to the bitcoin, in the event it explodes 1000-fold.

Dan Morehead, a huge bitcoin enthusiast, will not argue it is by any means a safe investment. For myself, I see multiple vulnerabilities:

Government crackdown

Public loss of faith/interest

Competing cryptocurrencies

Encryption-breaking algorithms 

But we are not talking about Treasury bonds here, rather it is a “Pascal’s Wager” – modest investment with a potentially infinite payout. 

However, the same logic could have been applied to beanie babies. 

What distinguishes cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, so that many experienced financial industry professionals such as Dan Morehead, Ex-Head of Macro Trading at Tiger Management and now CEO of Bitcoin investment firm Pantera, and my former senior colleague, Blythe Masters, throw their lot in with this new wave?

Today in RealVIsionTV, Dan Morehead interviews Wences Casares, the Founder of Xapo and a bitcoin pioneer. This conversation is certain to bring some insights.

Here the teaser

To sign up a free trial for and view the whole interview, use the code FREETRIAL. If you decide to go on with a paid subscription use ALEX1 for discount.

Good luck in the changing world!

Chart source: coinbase

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