San Francisco, August 7, 2019 – HonTe Advisors, LLC, (“HonTe”) today announced the addition of Christopher A. Kelley as Director, Head of Markets. With prior research and trading experience in FX, emerging markets, and fixed income at Thiel Macro and Royal Bank of Scotland, he brings a unique combination of skills developed on both the buy-side and sell-side. Chris received his Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Georgetown University with significant coursework completed at La Universidad de Buenos Aires. 

Chris joins the investment team run by Alex Gurevich, the firm’s Founder and CIO. Commenting on the announcement, HonTe’s CEO, Christopher Lutton, said: “Discovering such a strong candidate with research, trading, and risk management expertise in disciplines critical to our investment portfolio focus is challenging enough; but finding someone who also demonstrates a deep passion and intellectual curiosity for macro markets and has an impeccable reputation for integrity requires patience and a bit of luck. We are thrilled to have Chris join our growing firm.” 

This release does not constitute an offer of any HonTe fund. 

About HonTe 

HonTe Advisors, LLC is an SF-based global macro investment firm that focuses on thematic, multi-asset class investing across developed and emerging markets. Our passion for constructing superior portfolios that create orthogonal revenue streams to traditional assets, such as equities, drives our approach. By employing formal logic  to a disciplined trade selection process, we seek to capitalize on mispriced assets globally. 

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